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Blue Texas Topaz and Lone Star Cut

Texas Topaz1 is rare and beautiful. The stone is hard to find today; and Sandy is one of the few sources. The Texas Topaz comes in the Lone Star Cut2 which is the official cut of the official gemstone of the State of Texas.

Notice the shape of the stone. This unusual cut was devised to create the star shape in the stone. The stone is about 2mm deeper than a diamond cut stone. The star is dark on a clear background and has an almost "ruffled" edge. The Lone Star Cut is time consuming to create and is therefore a more expensive cut than the Texas Star Cut described below.

A variety of gemstones come in the Texas Star Cut. The line from the edge to the bottom of the stone is straight. The star is light against a darker background and the edge has fewer facets. This cut is more common and takes less time to cut than the Lone Star cut.

1  House Concurrent Resolution No. 12, 61st Legislature, Regular Session (1969)
2  House Concurrent Resolution No. 97, 65th Legislature, Regular Session (1977)
Official Texas State Gem

Texas Topaz is rare and Lone Star Jewelry is one of the few sources of topaz in the official gemsone cut of Texas.

Specializing in blue Texas topaz with the official Lone Star Cut in custom designed jewelry.
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